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What Sin?
Torn By Love
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What Sin? is an entire Easter program. It uses sign language, mime, acting, dowel rods and more to delight the audience. It takes a character from the first song and follows his thoughts and revelations. By the end of the drama this character realizes what Christ came to do – take our sins away. This should be the same conclusion reached by the audience. You could produce this drama with only 12 people, but if you have more, then you will be splitting the time and energies between more people.
1 Speaking part, 12 Presenters of Sign, dowels and acting
This is an entire production packet. It includes:
• A CD sound track to all songs and production music
• 5 Instructional DVDs for all movements for actors, signers and dowel rod presenters.
• CD with scripts, artwork, set designs and much more!

Using song and drama the audience is taken through the events leading to the renting of the Veil in the Tabernacle at the moment of Christ's death on the cross.
1 hour, 10 minutes.
2 Male, 2 Female speaking parts
Easter Resources
Loads of material from which to choose!
Below is a small sample of the plays and programs available.
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Ten sketches with biblical characters to bring your Easter Presentation to life!
This is a series of sketches that can be used in several ways.
• Each piece stands alone so you can pick and choose specific pieces to use in your drama.
• You can use all ten of them as the Easter drama itself. The order in this book makes biblical sense.
• Add other scenes or sketches that you find to expand on the drama.
• You can add music pieces throughout to expand the production. These may be solos, instrumentals, groups, sign, dowel rod or human video presentations. Add one or several according to your needs and desires.
An Easter to Remember
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I Stand Alone covers moments in the life of Stephen. It begins at his death, but quickly goes back to an earlier time when he first came in contact with ‘those Jesus people’. The play explores his relationship with his brother – Benjamin – and his father – Elias. As time progresses we see Stephen mature into a strong Christian man who eventually is appointed a Deacon of the church, willing to face death for his savior. - 4 Men
This play takes a look at the crucifixion from the eyes of four women. Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Salome and Joanna. Although others are indicated they are not seen and have no dialogue. Although some small monologues occur, most of the plot is forwarded through the interaction of the women. The theme is this: Jesus was all man and all God. Through the eyes of these women we learn how each viewed Jesus. We will come to learn that all of their viewpoints are accurate, revealing the totality of who Jesus was.
Running Time -- 50 minutes
I Stand Alone
My Son and My God
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Forgiven is an entire Easter program. It uses sign language, mime, acting, dowel rods and more to move and delight the audience.

This is a powerful presentation of the mercy of God. The characters of John the Baptist, the Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery, Hamul and the thief on the cross appear during the presentation, then reappear at the end to hammer home the love and mercy of God's forgiveness.
6 Speaking parts, 12+ Presenters of Sign, dowels and acting
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