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A New Convert's Bible Study

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The Drama Ministry of Terry Vik

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Need Production Music or Sound Effects for your Dramas, Puppet programs, monologues or sketches?
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Four NEW Sketches!

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A Whale of a Time

Two reporters interview Jonah - and the Gourd!

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Peanut Butter Pilgrims
Cooking with Dina!

A family discovers the joy of simple things - and a major revision on history!

A cooking show where things do NOT blend well!

Four actors
12 Minutes

Father, Mother, 2 daughters.
8 minutes

Two Ladies and one assistant.
8-10 minutes

Perfect for Sunday School or Super Church
Perfect for Ladies Meetings
Perfect for Sunday School or Thanksgiving
God Don't Monkey Around!

Two monkeys and a Jungle Ranger learn who IS the King of the Jungle!

3 Men or Women or Mix
8-10 minutes

Perfect for Sunday School or Super Church
Dedicated to the training and use of drama as an evangelical tool!
Sunday School
Time to select your drama or program.

Christmas is a'coming!

Full Length plays
One Acts
Variety programs with sign/dowel, etc.
Special Programs Available for:
These Include:

"The Broken Manger"

A great Christmas Drama for only 3 actors!

Brianna, Michael and Daniel are gathering props and costumes for the upcoming Christmas program. The manger which is a beloved and very old prop has been found damaged. Their memories lead to vignettes of biblical events.

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Receive Emails From Fitly Spoken

One Female, Two Males
25 minutes long
Simple Staging

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