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The Clay
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Lucas has joined a cast who is about to tour a new drama. He is facinated by the plot of the drama - Jacob and Esau. In addition he is honored to work with professional actor, Cade Holliwell.

Cade is less than thrilled as Lucas is constantly correcting his modern interpretation of Jacob and giving him biblical advice.

In addition the director, Randall, has his own issues with God and is in turmoil.

"The Clay" explores many of the questions and doubts of the non-spiritual, atheist and agnostic. See God work behind the scenes to bring His will as the creator. See Him mold - THE CLAY.
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Original Cast:
Lucas -
Cade -
Randall -
Sean -
Rev. Gaylen Cantrell, Pastor, Hanford, Ca
Rev. Stephen McDaniel, Pastor, Taft, CA
Howi Tiller, Drama Evangelist
Terry Vik, Drama Evangelist
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4 Clown Sketches perfect for VBS or Sunday School!
An Apple A Day
A Sketch for Three Clowns. Three clowns use planks and hammers in an attempt to build a church, but one realizes that will collapse if you do not include Jesus as your foundation.
Approx. 5 minutes
Feed Them Also
Keep Your Eyes on Jesus
How To Build a Church
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Only 99 cents!
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Only 99 cents!
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A Sketch for Three Clowns. One Clown is trying hard to keep his/her eyes on Jesus, but the antics of everything going around him makes this difficult!
Approx. 4 minutes
A Sketch for Two Clowns. This is a tender story of one clown who sees the needs of another and follows the advice of Jesus.
Approx. 4 minutes
A Sketch for Nine Clowns. This is a prop heavy sketch, with all kinds of zaniness! One clown just wants to enjoy his/her day, but the others will not leave him alone.
Approx. 4 minutes
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